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You can reach us at:

  ACME, Inc.    
  1130 Francis St. Phone: (303) 772-0880
  Suite  7034 Fax: (303) 772-8137
  Longmont, CO 80501

General questions can be emailed to: acme@feargod.com

At ACME, we answer a lot of email!  Fear God shirts were designed specifically to start conversations… and they work.  Fear God shirts contain a bold, uncompromised message from the scriptures, which often strikes a nerve (in both the believer and unbeliever).  We realize our shirts aren't for everyone, and that some people may find them offensive. Our purpose is not to offend, rather, we are simply trying to draw attention to the fact that time is short for those who are outside of Christ.   If you would like to talk with us about the shirts or even the idea of the fear of the Lord feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to respond.   

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